Data + Sales

Blenheim Fine Wines Buyers of fine wine know their market and demand a wide range of possibilities so they can match their tastes precisely. When a marketing agency took on the Blenheim Fine Wines website they needed to take a complex data set in hand-typed Word documents and create an easy-to-use, cross-referenced site.

The challenge was met by Pineapplecharm with careful database engineering, coupled seamlessly with the agency design. Customers now, far from wading through page after page of wines, reduce the range of over 700 to progressively shorter lists with each click of the mouse. The site even uses innovative techniques to ensure that accent-free UK keyboards don't fox those running a text search on French vineyard names.

If you have a large amount of data in a seemingly unmanageable mess and want to present it to customers simply and precisely, Pineapple Charm can help you bring your story to the web in a powerful yet intuitive format.

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