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Oxleys Furniture When Oxleys Furniture wanted to update their site they needed to get creative. Busy preparing for the 2008 Summer season they had scant time to update a whole new site but still required a fresh look for the new year. Pineapple Charm, having built their Lapstone website under contract for their marketing agency, suggested a novel solution: why not take the Oxleys products already listed on Lapstone and simply replicate the information in a priceless, more catalogue-like format remotely?

The new site is now effectively a window into their main salesroom and will never need updating; any changes on Lapstone will automatically and instantly show on Oxleys.

Pineapple Charm have years of experience of tackling offbeat problems in online retail with creative and surprising solutions. If you have requirements that simply aren't serviced by off-the-peg packages and don't want to be held back any longer, definitely drop us a line.

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